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Building Linux Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
posted by jayce on Thursday April 18, @11:39PM
from the what-book-helps-with-that. dept.
Security jeff writes "Author: Oleg Kolesnikov & Bri Hatch
Publisher: New Riders
ISBN: 1-57870-266-6

An excelent book! My intention for reading this book is that at work we people who are out on the road who need access to information on our network. A VPN seemed like the solution.

This book contains a lot of details about many different ways of creating VPNs. Unlike many books the introduction chapter is a must read. It discusses issues that must be planned for when building a VPN. It also has a short intro of many different protocols. This contains enough information to make decisions about which software is most appropriate for your needs.

Chapters for different VPNs follow. I read the one that applied to my choice (IPSec). It contains detailed explainations on how IPSec works. The book is not a HOWTO, they are available on line. URLs are provided.

The only thing I was a little disapointed that it didn't tell how to interact with Win2k/WinXP systems.

I recommend it to anyone thinking about setting up a VPN.

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